Friday, April 22, 2011

World Loves Japan global festival for Japan relief MAY 19th pst



 May 19th. ( Asia, Europe May 20th)

A Day of Awareness and Love in Focused Intention for Japan,
and all earth shifts, including U.S. Tornado disaster.
Send Your Love and donate to nonprofits that are really doing the work and truly giving all the money given to this relief effort. We are offering a new paradigm for how we respond as a planet when the family of humanity is in emergence=see. Please feel welcome to step up in your part of the World and join us. Tell us where you will be
May 19th ( Pacific Standard Time) May 20th in Asia and Europe.

ALL PROCEEDS GO TO JAPAN RELIEF, See non-profits at bottom of this post.
  USA: Los Angeles California
Peace Yoga Gallery
903 South Main Street Los Angeles, CA 90015 $20 admission: RAW FOOD feast extra cost

several parking lots minutes walk close.

6:30pm Al Diaz: The Miracle of Love for Japan

7:00pm Cheri Rae: Peace Yoga with Harp

8:00pm Dr Dream: Sacred Energy-transference Ceremony

8:45pm Special Guest Jagadish Dass Divine Love transmission

Intentional Dance by I AM Raul Rosiles: Love & Enlightenment

Being of Light Michelle Long: Energy Healing catalyst

DJ set by Big Bad Beatz D.J.s Sterling Bentley and Bobby Rich give a one of a kind performance combined with LED dancing as well as live instruments

 NEW YORK with Yoko Nakamura 
representing the Golden Pyramid of Peace to receive donations at the event 
at the Alignment Center (120 W. 28th St., 3rd Fl.) featuring Laura Hames Franklin 

FLORIDA with Rikka Zimmerman
Wizards Party - Unleashing Your Talents and Abilities!
May 19th 7pm-10pm
Embassy Suites 225 Shorecrest Drive Altamonte Springs, Florida, USA
Cost: $40 can be applied to Bars Class, opportunity to also donate to official non-profits of this global event

at Ganesha Center with Bartji in meditation
3243 E. Warm Springs Road , Suite 105 Las Vegas, NV 89120 (702) 485-4985

with Michael Perlin: 3 Magic Words movie writer/director/producer
and Laura Fox

COSTA RICA: New Earth Center of Light
with Jeremiah Lindsay and Shondra Rose
 Calls for alignment with Divine Plan, The Light, The Law of One, New Earth/New Cosmos Divine Plan, and Japan's place in that, as well as Gaia's Divine Plan.

AUSTRALIA: Victoria, 
with Leader of Soul Based Living in Australia Sha Sha Love

INDIA: Tiruvannamalai
Featuring Gonga & Tara
at Mahadeva Malai with Maha Ananda Siddha sending blessings and sending spiritual healing energy to all. Also with us will be John Riley.

FRANCE: Rocamadour, Vertigo City, near Bordeaux
with Facilitator Joan Clark. Thank You Sandy Fox for making
this venue possible
 A Sacred Pilgrimage in France:
The Path of Mary Magdalene and the Goddess Mystery School
8 am on May 20th  ( this time and day is France timezone)

To Donate we recommend:
Golden Pyramid of Peace
Emotos Peace Project
Love Planet Foundation